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About Us

Tiffany Maiyon Lofton

(TiffanyMaiyon is her full first name) was born December 31st.  She is the youngest of 3 siblings. Tiffany knew at a young age that she always wanted to be a business woman and she has always had a unique flair for trendsetting fashion. At the age of 10 she attended modeling school and took etiquette classes. She was the statuesque height of 5’10 ever since she was a young child and has used it to her full advantage ever since. Tiffany used her unique style and breathtaking looks to model for JC Penny and other fashion catalogs and attended acting workshops. As an adult this fashionistas career included being a celebrity fashion stylist and making a business out of it starting the company, Imagine You Imagine Consulting, balancing being a devoted mother, modeling, reality TV personality and business owner. Tiffany has done curvy size runway modeling, featured actress, event hosting, presenting, and appeared in several music videos, and television talk shows. After an amazing transition and spending several thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery. In 2014 Tiffany created and is the CEO of Bella Dream Body Plastic Surgery Consulting. The company consults clients for plastic surgery procedures all across the world, and now offers health and diet supplements to aid in helping one reach or maintain their weight loss goals.